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MASIS has been designing and producing contemporary furniture for over 30 years. All of the pieces we produce represent the sum of the application of high technology, attention to detail and a careful selection of materials.

At MASIS we believe that design is the synthesis of quality, function, timelessness and sensibility. The interaction of these concepts, which are intrinsic characteristics of our products, translates into simple, unique and elegant forms, that originate with an intellectual process based on technique and quality. The sense of timelessness and the aesthetic appeal of our furniture are things that are intangible. They arise from the functionality of the object, and the rigor and precision we apply throughout the creative and production processes. All with the ambition of creating a contemporary product to be used and shared, and that will remain alive throughout time.


MASIS team


Victoria Alegrí

Victoria Alegri her background as an architect and her work on a range of design projects, shows off her sharp attention to detail. She creates furniture for everyday life, her work mixes a passionate curiosity for new techniques, materials and methods.

In the design field, Victoria has developed projects of graphic and product design for companies in Spain and Canada. In 2010 she develops deertigercollective, a multidisciplinary platform that includes from architecture to photography.


Raw materials and manufacturing

We manufacture furniture attending to a material efficient economy and responsible use of natural resources. We only use solid wood that is strictly necessary.

Our furniture is made of low-emissions fiber panels, using natural veneers, engineered wood panels and covering technical materials suitable to pigmented lacquers. We reduce and control efficiently the quantity of lacquers and varnishes that we use in our process.

We use mainly Machining Centers CNC for the machining processes of panels and boards.

Additional elements

Clear and pigmented glasses

Machining glasses as well as aesthetical appeal, technical or functional purpose, CNC process gives them specific features as safety and durability (rounded and polished glass edges).

Glass cut to format, outlined and drilled using exclusively Machining Centers CNC for glass and marble.


Iron and steel structures: chrome-plated and lacquered finishes.

Metal cut to format with precision machinery and laser cut CNC, sheets optimization by optimized nesting.


Technical structural components as fastener products, anchor and assembly items between elements or glass and metal accessorizes.

Metalwork and hardware are used significantly below their fatigue limit, breaking load or number of cycles before collapse.

Pigments and varnishes

We use our palette of dyes and clear or colored varnishes, and we customize our client needs.

All the products that we use are low-volatile solvent content.


We use recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Every piece of furniture has its own packaging made basically of 6mm thickness and high mechanical strength. We customize every packaging according to the piece of furniture, measurements and weight.

Tailor made solution for every product using a mechanical manufacture system (die cut) allows to reduce the volume for transport and get a maximum mechanical packaging strength.